Backend Software Engineer intern - 4 to 6 months

Scortex is hiring!


Scortex enables manufacturers to take better control of their quality. We provide a full-stack solution to digitize quality. It delivers intelligent automation of visual inspections and real-time analytics over quality.

Scortex Quality Intelligence Platform is built to easy deploy and manage deep learning applications on production lines.

Our platform enables manufacturing companies to take control of their quality:

  1. Automate complex visual inspection tasks at any stage of the manufacturing process
  2. Monitor quality through real-time data visualization and centralized production knowledge
  3. Dynamically improve quality thanks to real-time process control

We believe that digitalization of manufacturing operations will provided imprecedented returns in quality, efficency and environemental impact.

Scortex is a team of passionate and diverse individuals working and learning together to deliver the best solution possible, a unique blend of the tech and manufacturing world.

Job Description

Working as a software engineer in a cross-domain machine learning and engineering team, you will help design and build software that will support the machine learning platform and our customer facing applications. Scortex develops web applications and CLIs to interact with collected data, from operator-facing dashboards in the factory to machine learning oriented tooling and customer data visualization web applications.

Working with our engineering team, you will design, build and deploy web APIs and applications directly used by our customers, machine learning and research teams. You will also contribute to enriching our machine learning tooling ecosystem.

You will:

  • help design and implement the software library built to support and automate machine learning tasks
  • work on the deployment, logging and monitoring of machine learning models in production
  • build, improve and maintain the tooling made available to the users of the platform (command-line tools, web tools, …)
  • build and maintain APIs to integrate the machine learning business logic to the Scortex software ecosystem help integrate existing external tools
  • design, populate and maintain MongoDB / PostgreSQL databases
  • handle complex and high throughput data flows

Preferred Experience

  • Hands-on experience with Python 3
  • Software engineering/architecture experience
  • Database management and usage experience
  • Strong organizational, problem-solving and communication skills
  • Strong algorithm complexity knowledge
  • Pragmatism when considering a new tool or software design

The following would be welcome bonuses:

  • Parallel system and algorithm experience
  • Interest for Machine Learning
  • Experience in building a multi-user, multi-developer library
  • Fullstack skills
  • Knowledge of the data engineering ecosystem

You’re passionate and always up to date with new tools and practices, and are willing to improve the whole ecosystem you’re evolving in.

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Internship (Between 4 and 6 months)
  • Start Date: 14 March 2021
  • Location: Paris, France (75013)
  • Education Level: Master's Degree
  • Occasional remote authorized